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Andriod M

Andriod M Update is Coming

Somebody on the Google Android mobile phone team must have a sweet tooth. Why else would the Android phone operating system be named after sweets.  You might remember that Google named the first version of Android “Cupcake.” Cupcake was followed by Donut.  Other names that followed have been Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, and now, the newest release will be called Marshmallow.  Yes, the “M” in Android M stands for Marshmallow.

While I am a loyal iPhone user and will probably remain one, there is no getting around the fact that Android M is as much talked about and anticipated as was the iPhone 6.  Sporting features that will make it an admirable upgrade from the previous android systems, the Android M claims that the wait will be all worth it when it comes out. With a temporary release date of September 2015, the Android M continues to excite the mobile technology community with what it can offer in terms of additional features, security measures and bug patches.  So without further ado, let us take a look at the proposed released features of the Android M:

Feature 1.  Android Pay – This application enables Android M users to pay using their mobile phone. It functions in the same way as the Google Wallet and can be connected to your credit card account—creating a virtual account number that enables you to pay whenever and wherever with convenience.

Feature 2.  Fingerprint Support – With fingerprint scanning technology in the hands of the Android M, there is an undoubted security upgrade from the previous android systems. It can be used to authenticate purchases made from Android Pay, as well maximizing the potentials of fingerprint scanning technology.

Feature 3. Voice Controls – The Voice Interaction API installed in the Android M system enables users to use voice control to command their mobile phone. This is not new to the Android M as other Android systems also have the voice control mechanics. This upgrade will be used for voice control on all the applications on the device—and the applications can also talk back.

Feature 4. Now on Tap – “Now on Tap” is the newest addition to the Android M system. With this slick feature, Android M users can now use voice control at any moment with just a long press of the home button. Whatever you are doing in your mobile phone, it can initiate the search toolbar without interrupting your activities.

Wrapping It Up

As a loyal iPhone user, I am tempted to draw attention to the fact that some of these features seem to be influenced by some of the features already present on the iPhone.  I know plenty of people who are loyal Android users and they would probably disagree with me.  However, the one thing to which we can all agree is that mobile phones have became a necessity and no matter which phone you choose, you deserve to have the best user experience for your money.

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