Big Phones


michael_douglas_cellphone2Do you remember the those really BIG cell phones from back in the day?  Well, we’ve come a long way since then. But as history has a way of repeating itself a new type of BIG phone has popped up on the mobile phone scene.

Initially many of us joked with our friends who were the first ones to purchased these devices because the phones were so large. However, it seems that now maybe the joke is on us because these devices have been gained so much popularity around the world since they were introduced in 2012. So much so that this much sought after device, technically known as the phablet, is now dominating the mobile device scene.

Some popular Big Phones or phablets, as they should be properly called, are the Apple iPhone 6 Plus, LG G4 and the Galaxy Note 4. The slick design and the flexibility to do more things with a mobile device is a known advantage to the phablet. The phablet is essentially a cross between a mobile phone and a tablet. It provides the infusion of the perks of a mobile phone and the vast capabilities of a tablet and has been a sure winner in the hearts of mobile phone users all over the world.

The mobile hybrid phablet has many very desirable and attractive features, especially for people who need to multitask and love the ability to do all sorts of cool things with their mobile phones. With its 5 to 6 inch screen size, it offers capabilities that do not overpower the essence of the cross of two gadgets. It is a perfect combination of comfort and utility.

Let’s take a look at some of the features the phablets offers:Phablet

  1. Top-rate performance

With the design of a mobile phone and a core of a tablet, the phablet exceeds mobile phones with a speedy processor and a high-definition graphics display. The internal memory and the onboard RAM are enhanced, as well, enabling storing movies, taking tons of photos and videos and stacking all your music playlist.

  1. Excellent Cameras

Since there is no point in having a mobile gadget unequipped with a camera in today’s society of selfies and recording of police stops.  The phablet ensures that it sports a high-quality camera with auto-focus for trigger-happy picture enthusiasts. And with an excellent camera, excellent pictures and video are to be expected.

  1. Multi-tasking Capabilities

Some people find that they are limited by the multi-tasking capabilities of a mobile phone—which can sometimes be an issue, especially for those with hectic schedules and activities throughout the day. With the phablet, this should no  longer be a problem. The large screen size offers a maximized display and the ability to swipe through your activities quickly on your phablet.

Wrapping it Up

I’m not sure that I would ever purchase a phablet.  I like my iPhone 6 because it fits nicely in my pocket.  And because my eyes are more mature now, I like the larger iPad for Kindle and Bible reading.  But if you don’t mind having, what I consider to be an extra large mobile phone combined with a smaller tablet, then maybe a phablet is the device for you. I promise that I won’t hate, I just won’t participate.

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