Lead Someone to Christ

Purpose-Driven-GospelLead someone to Christ today!

Christians are commanded to witness, but many of us are afraid to share our faith. When it comes to presenting the Gospel, most of us are concerned we don’t know what to say or know how to say it. This no longer has to be a problem that concerns you if you follow the proven iGospelShare method of leading someone to Christ and sharing the Gospel.

iGospelShare takes the stress out of sharing your faith. It is easy to understand, it’s user friendly, and it has been very effective in teaching thousands of Christians how to lead someone to Christ.  iGospelShare has been field tested and proven on the streets of Philadelphia, in the neighborhoods of New Jersey, and in many of the cities of both Delaware and Maryland.  And that’s not it….  The iGospelShare mobile application has been downloaded thousands of times from countries all around the world.  It has been downloaded in countries all over Europe and Australia as well as being downloaded in other countries like Canada, Japan, and even China!  Every time I look at the download statistics, I am amazed by where the app is being used.  What a wonderful thought to think that thousands of people all over the world are using iGospelShare to lead some to Christ.

So what about you? Have you download iGospelShare?  Remember that iGospelShare can be used as a tool to help share the Gospel or as a tool to help you learn how to lead someone to Christ.  Whatever the situation, Be Ready, Be equipped, and Be a Soul Winner with iGospelShare.