One Bar Closer to Humanity

AutoCorrect_HumanityOne Bar Closer To Humanity

The title of the youtube video found below is, “Can We Auto-Correct Humanity.”  Through this video, Prince Ea presents a poem that poses a great question for us all to consider.  But, before we consider the question, first let us look at what is meant by the term “auto-correct.” AutoCorrect is short for automatic correction and it is a function used by word processors such as Microsoft Word as well as by mobile text editing interfaces on devices like the Apple iPhone and iPad.  Its primary function is to work in conjunction with spell checker to correct common spelling or typing errors to (supposedly) save the user time.  However, sometimes autocorrect can cost you more time because auto-correct can have a mind of its own.  For example, there have been times when I sent a text before reading it and as a result had  to send a second text apologizing for what the first text said because autocorrect changed my words around.  I’m sure you have had similar experiences. Never-the-less, no matter what our experience have been, the purpose of auto-correct still remains the same.  It is designed to help make corrections without the need of human interaction.

One Bar CloserWith that in mind, let us consider what I view as Prince Ea’s main point.  I believe his main point is that technology can dehumanize you and make you think that you don’t need human interaction. We spend so much time hiding behind computers and mobile phones that we hardly interact on a human level any more.  It amazes me to see how frequently people can be right next you and will hardly lift their head to talk to you because they are so preoccupied with a mobile device.  It is often only when the mobile devices starts to lose battery power that we become one bar closer to humanity.

Some think it is ridiculous to consider the concept of self-driving cars or that robots might one day take over the world. However, please remember that we use to think it was ridiculous to consider that one day we would be able to communicate through Dick Tracey like watches on our wrist or talk to people while seeing them through devices like those used by George Jetson.  Yet, today we have Skype, FaceTime, video conferencing and smartwatches.

Please don’t think that I am against technology because I’m not.  I have made a very comfortable living in the field of technology and the truth is that a I’m a great protonate of technology.  It’s just that I’m a greater protonate of humanity. Technology is a tool and its purpose is to help us do more. But please keep in mind, that while we are endeavoring to do more, God’s purpose for us is to be more.

We are human BE-ings and and God wants to BE.  He wants us to be husbands, be wives, be fathers, be mothers, be sons, be daughters, be friends, and be neighbors. God wants us to be social, but not just through social media.  He wants you to be social through human interaction.

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Final Though

Can we auto-correct humanity?  The short answer is no.  God doesn’t necessarily want you to do more, He wants you to be more.  He wants you to be better and He wants you to help others be better as well. Generally, when I come home I put my phone on my desk and leave it there until the next morning.  At times it frustrates people that I’m not available to answer calls or response to text messages or emails. What people don’t understand is that in the same way that my device needs to be recharged, I need to recharged as well and I do not get recharged by plugging into a wall socket, I get recharged by plugging into my family. Family time brings me one bar closer to humanity.

The next time you are in a room with someone, fight the urge to give your mobile phone all of your attention.  “Share” what’s on your mind with that person, in person, and try telling them, in person, when you “like” what they have to say.  If you do this, you too, will be one bar closer to humanity.  Who knows, if this person is not saved, you might even see an opening to share your faith and lead that person to Christ.  If you are uncertain on how to lead someone to Christ, please download the iGospelShare App today so you can Be Ready. Be Prepared. Be a Soul Winner!


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