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Social Media GospelSocial Media Gospel?

Nowadays, it is much easier to share your faith. Thanks to the popularity of social media there are a lot of ways that you are able to spread the good news of Jesus Christ.

Many people post scriptures and testimonies on facebook. Many Tweet about the goodness of God on Twitter. Many even share inspiring pictures on Instagram. On Pinterest, many create boards.

Social media has made the world a very small place and it is simple to reach hundreds or in some cases, thousands of people each day. Perhaps, more than ever before, the responsibility to spread the good news of Jesus Christ is on those of us who call ourselves Christians.   Fortunately, we can now spread this good news almost effortlessly through these clever social media gospel methods.

Why Spread the Good News?

We need to spread the good news because this nation is inundated with so much bad news. The police seem to be unjustifiably murdering young black men in record numbers. Divorce is at an all time high while the definition of marriage is being challenged. Politicians are indicted like never before for financial corruption as the income gap between the rich and the poor is growing almost at the same rate the middle class population is getting smaller.

A recent Gallup poll has the economy as the biggest problem facing this country.  However, this country is also facing issues with terrorism, racism, bullying, poverty, obesity, education, incarceration, and unemployment.   With all of this bad news, people can certainly use some good news and the greatest news that anyone can ever receive is the good news of Jesus Christ.  Just carefully read the comments of those on the web and you might find that this good news could be especially valuable to your social media friends and followers.

Surely every post and tweet from you does not have to be doom and gloom or fire and brimstone. In fact, your posts and tweets don’t even have to always be about religion. People need to see that you are a real person who lives in the real world. If you come off as holier than thou, self righteous, or stuffy, you may turn people away.  The ultimate goal of any social media gospel effort is to help people become friends of God and followers of Jesus Christ and you can’t do that if they ignore your comments or un-friend and un-follow you.

Social Media Gospel is a great method for planting seeds, but  you still should be prepared to lead someone to Christ if the situation presents itself.  If you are not prepared, iGospelshare can help.  You can purchase of copy of the book, Witnessing Without Worry and remember to download the free iGospelShare mobile application today!





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