Christians Must Share the Gospel

iGospelShare can Help!

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Jesus commands us to be His witnesses, but many of us are afraid to share our faith.  When it comes to presenting the Gospel many of us are afraid that we won't know what to say or how to say it. 

iGospelShare helps take the stress out of sharing the Gospel.  iGospelShare is easy to understand, it is user friendly, and it's effective. 

iGospelShare can be used as a tool to lead someone to Christ or it can be used or it can be used to learn how to share the Gospel presentation.  Whatever the case, with iGospelShare there is help in the palm of your hand.

iGospelShare can help you Be Ready. Be Equipped. Be a Soul Winner!​

  • iGospelShare uses only 4 Scriptures with each scripture building on the previous for clear understanding and impact.
  • iGospelShare has been field tested in both urban and suburban areas and has been effective with leading many people to Christ. 
  • iGospelShare is simply a modified version of the Roman's Road.
  • iGospelShare is free.  iGospelShare is a free download from Android and iPhones. 

Be Ready. Be Prepared. Be a Soul Winner!