Why I’m a Geek

Tech GeeksI’m a geek and you should be one too!

I’ve been in the field of technology for a long time.  At the age of 20, I started my career in technology as a computer repair tech for a national company that sent me into fortune 500 companies on a daily basis. Back then the average corporate computer was an IBM desktop with a 286 processor. The average operating system was DOS and the two main programs running on these computers were WordPerfect and Lotus123.   Back then computers had modems and no one had even heard of the Internet let alone knew that it existed.   Fast forward 20 years (or so) and I can testify that it is has been amazing to work in a field where I have had the opportunity to be exposed to and trained in all of the latest advancements in computer technology. I rose up the corporate ranks quickly from a repair technician to a networking engineer to a manager and then to a Director of Information Technology, a position that I held for 15 years at a major organization before becoming a full time entrepreneur.

Back then, people that were into computers were considered nerds, but that description never applied to me.  I was born and raised in “the hood” and I promise you that I took full advantage of most of the activities that the hood had to offer. I won’t elaborate, but I can also promise you that I have never ever been remotely viewed as a nerd or anything close to one.  However, I must confess that in many ways, I’ve always been a “Geek.” A geek is a person who has excessive enthusiasm for and about a specialized subject, area, or activity. I have friends who work in the area of healthcare that are medical geeks. I have friends who work in the area of finance that are financial geeks. I have friends who work in the area of law that are legal geeks. There are political geeks, fitness geeks, real estate geeks and for people like me, theology and technology geeks. However, the one type of geek that God’s desires for us all to be is a Jesus Geek.

In accordance with the definition stated above, a Jesus Geek would be a person who has excessive enthusiasm for and about Jesus. My prayer is that whatever type of geek you are now, that you would add Jesus Geek to your resume and that you would encourage your friends to add it to their resumes as well.

If you are still unsure on how to share your faith and encourage your friends to become Jesus Geeks, please know that iGospelShare is here to help.  Just download the free mobile application and you will soon be on the way.


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