Why Upgrade to Windows 10?

Why upgrade to Windows 10?

Windows 10 is Microsoft’s newest operating system.  If you have been around for as long as I have, then you probably remember MS DOS, Window 3.11, Windows 95, Windows 98, and of course, the wonderful Windows XP.  I was disappointed when Microsoft stopped supporting Windows XP as it was my all-time favorite. Even though I’ll admit that Windows 7 was also actually a pretty good release as well.

Because of the diversity of systems I work with, I need to be able to go back and forth from Apple to Microsoft and luckily the Apple MacBook allows me to have both operating systems installed.   I have never installed Windows Vista on anything. It was weird (as the teens would say) and Windows 8 was just, in a word, HORRIBLE!!!  I have installed Windows 10, but I’m finding that many people still have not.

When asked, I do recommend that people upgrade because  But I recommend people download and upgrade most of all because it’s FREE!

A lot of people have questions and concerns about this Windows 10 upgrade and have been asking if they should upgrade or not. My suggestion is that everyone should upgrade because Windows offers some better feature as well as more security. Windows 10 is fairly easy to use and feels familiar, especially for those who have been using Windows 7. But most importantly, I tell people they should upgrade because it is free.

So what other elements does Windows 10 have? What kinds of features does it offer? Here is quick a rundown of some of the Windows 10 features:

  1. Task View – It functions as multiple desktops and will enable you to move from one desktop to another.
  2. Start Menu – This menu has come back, much to the delight of Windows 8 users.
  3. Snap Assist – It allows you to snap as many as four apps in a single screen and helps you manage your screen better.
  4. Windows Store – It acts as a unified store that has apps that work for every Windows 10 device, whether it’s a PC, phone, or tablet.
  5. Cortana – This is Microsoft’s “personal assistant” that reminds you of your tasks, gives you the latest news, and takes note of your preferences.
  6. Microsoft Edge – This is the newest browser that allows you to write or type directly on web pages, and even save pages to be read later.
  7. Continuum – With Windows 10, you can connect your phone to your TV which will show Windows 10’s desktop version and allow you to take advantage of the extra screen.

With Windows 10, you still have the previous apps such as Maps, Mail & Calendar, Movies & TV, and Photos to work with OneDrive to sync your information and back up all your details.

Wrapping It Up

Aside from the seven features mentioned, there’s still a lot that you can look forward to on Windows 10. For example, if you are a “Gamer“,  Xbox will be integrated with Windows 10. Therefore,  recording gameplay won’t be too difficult and you can even compete with other console players. You can even use your Windows 10 PC to stream Xbox One games.  Aside from using Windows 10 on your computers, you can also use it on your phones and tablets for a more complete experience.