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Welcome To The

Witnessing Without Worry Challenge

Discover Proven Strategies and Techniques

By Joining the Witnessing Without Worry Challenge

You Are Going To Learn How to:

Find an Opening

Discover how to find an opening in any conversation to share the Gospel.

Plant a Seed

Plant seeds so prospects are open to future conversations.

Define Success

Redefine what real success is when sharing your faith.

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Meet Pastor Fred

Hi, my name is Frederick Scott Jr. and I'm a Tech by profession and a Preacher by passion. I'm a Christian and I've created a system and a few tools that help Christians share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

With God's help and God's grace, I developed the free mobile phone App called "GospelShare" in 2010. Also with God's help and God's grace, I wrote a book entitled "Witnessing Without Worry" as a companion to the iGospelShare App. Just recently, I have turned the book into this online course.

Because you are a fellow Christian, and because you have shown a commitment and a desire to share the Gospel, I am offering you the opportunity to purchase this course today at a generous price.

I Can Still Remember When I First Got Saved

I was excited and I wanted all my friends and family members to get saved too!

During that time, I probably did more to push people away from Christ than I actually did to lead them to Christ.

I had a zeal, and my intentions were good. However, my approach left a lot to be desired.

Discover the Art of Genuine Faith Sharing

Then I learned something very important…

Something which I go into more detail about in the book and this course…

Something that helped me to understand how what I was doing was wrong.

I realized that good intentions aren't always enough.

The way we share our faith matters.


When you join this online challenge you get:

  • Online Training
    Get exclusive access to a comprehensive online course that will teach you proven strategies and techniques for sharing your faith with boldness and clarity.

  • Digital Book
    Receive a digital copy of Witnessing Without Worry, the bestselling book by Rev. Dr. Frederick Scott Jr., and learn how to overcome fear, doubt, and hesitation in evangelism.

  • The iGospelShare App

    A free download that provides a step by step guide for sharing your faith and making a difference in the world.

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Check What People Are Saying

Before Witnessing Without Worry, the thought of sharing my faith filled me with anxiety. Now, I find joy in these conversations because I feel equipped and confident. This course has transformed my view and approach to evangelism. I now make it a natural extension of my daily interactions.

Elijah Turner

Seattle, Washington

Witnessing Without Worry took the fear out of sharing the Gospel. I always thought it required expert knowledge or a certain personality type. But this course and book showed me that what truly matters is authenticity and love. I'm now engaging in meaningful dialogue about my faith, and it feels brilliant.

Sophia Bennett

London, United Kingdom

As someone who recently embraced faith, I use to feel nervous by the idea of evangelism. Witnessing Without Worry was a game-changer for me. It provided simple steps that helped me talk with others without the fear of not knowing enough. I feel empowered and excited to connect with others about my faith.

Isaac Wallace

Austin, Texas

Why Witnessing Without Worry?

Realizing that most Christians sincerely want to witness, and also realizing that most don't know how, or even worse, they are afraid, I wrote Witnessing Without Worry and created this course to help take the fear and the worry out of sharing the Gospel.

 ~ Rev. Dr. Frederick Scott, Jr.    

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    What You Will Gain in this Course

  • You will overcome the fear of sharing your faith

  • You will develop an authentic approach that works

  • You will gain the mindset of a Soul Winner

Frequently Asked Questions

+ Who should sign up for the Challenge?

Answer: Do you want to learn how to confidently and effectively share your faith with others? Do you want to become an excellent soul winner for Jesus Christ? If the answer is YES to any or both of these questions, then let me invite you to the Witnessing Without Worry Challenge! The course will equip you with skills to witness effectively, increase your self-confidence, and help boost your spiritual growth. Don't miss this excellent opportunity to grow in your walk as a Faithful Christian as you learn how to Share The Gospel in a way that will bring extraordinary impact into people's lives.

+ Is the course really only $97?

Answer: The Witnessing Without Worry Course is only $97 and is packed with information to help Christians learn to be Soul Winners. It's carefully crafted by Pastor Frederick Scott Jr. so that you can confidently Share the Gospel, making sure those around you get to hear His Word. Don't miss the opportunity - grab your course now at this incredible limited time rate of only $97!

+ How do I get access to the live training?

Answer: You'll have exclusive access to our online training platform. You'll also benefit from guidance, support, biblical encouragement, and prayer that will give you the strength and knowledge necessary to spread the Good News. You will learn fundamental skills, personal evangelism and methods for engaging people in conversations about Jesus. With our iGospelShare resources, you will come away with an empowered spirit and a deeper understanding of how to impact this world with the message of God's love.

YES! I Want To Join The Witnessing Without Worry Challenge 

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How Witnessing Without Worry Can Help You

  • Witnessing Without Worry can help you to learn how to be a more effective witness for Jesus Christ

  • Witnessing Without Worry can help you to understand how the Holy Spirit helps you as a Christian

  • Witnessing Without Worry can help you to develop a stronger relationship with God

  • Witnessing Without Worry can help you overcome fear and anxiety to share your faith

  • YES! I Want To Join The Witnessing Without Worry Challenge

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