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Why Engage in This Free Trial?

To Evaluate the Program’s Promise:

As a leader, discernment is crucial.

This trial allows you to "test drive" the Witnessing Without Worry course, enabling you to evaluate its relevance, effectiveness, and how well it aligns with your ministry’s vision and values.

We recognize the importance of ensuring you are fully confident in the course's ability to enhance the spiritual journey of your community before you recommend it.

To Explore the Program’s Potential:

The Witnessing Without Worry course has the potential to be a game changing resource for your ministry.

Through your evaluation, you will discover significant ways to empower your congregation and equip them with the confidence and tools necessary for effective faith sharing.

This, in turn, should ignite a renewed passion for personal evangelism, inspiring your members to deepen their commitment to the gospel’s mission and purpose.

How Will the Witnessing Without Worry Course Benefit the Church?

Cultivate Evangelism

Imagine a congregation equipped not just with faith but also the confidence to share it. You can have this with the Witnessing Without Worry Course. Transform attendees into active disciples, and expand your church's spiritual and communal reach.

Enhance Community Engagement

As members become more engaged in sharing their faith through the Witnessing Without Worry Course, it naturally strengthens the bonds within your community and cultivate a deeper sense of unity and purpose for sharing the Gospel.

Grow Your Congregation

Equip your members to share their faith and plant seeds of the Gospel effectively through the Witnessing Without Worry Course. Develop pathways to welcome more souls into your congregation, and expand your church family

A Unique Opportunity for Your Ministry

This trial offers more than just resources. It provides a potential pathway to enrich and support your efforts. 

We recognize the practical needs involved in running a ministry. That's why we've created a unique fundraising opportunity through our affiliate program.

By partnering with us, your organization can earn $30 for every individual who enrolls in the course via your referral. This compensation can significantly aid your mission and outreach programs.